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"Mendocino Beacon," 2 March 1889; Fort Bragg Items -- Editor Beacon:
James Jorden [sic], the contractor and builder of the Baptist church, which is being erected in this place, met with a fatal accident last Saturday afternoon. He was upon a scaffold, which was insecurely built, and it gave way, precipitating him to the ground. He fell a distance of 72 feet, striking his head and shoulders on a stay. The unfortunate man was carried home insensible, in which condition he lay until he died Sunday evening about 7 o'clock. Deceased leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss.
 A few years ago we were contacted by : June Thomazin and we found out we have relatives buried in the cemetery here in Fort Bragg, Rose Memorial Park .James Jordan.
James Jordans wife. Elvia Rense's great great grandmother
Rense's great grandmother
Rense's grandmother